[iPhone iPad Games] Kobble

kooble screenshot

Today I want suggest Kobble,  It’s a new amazing games for iPad and IPhone.

I cannot stop to play, it’s a natural challenge between you and the World of Words.

Follows Some informations from the official itunes page:

Kobble is the enhanced and definitive version of the classic word game.

With high definition graphics, relaxing and posh looks, quick and efficient controls, Kobble can be played both in the “Classic” or “Arcade” modes. The game can be played with 4×4 or 5×5 grids. This game is ideal for lovers of the classic game, but it can be enjoyed from anyone with a passion for words. Easy to learn, it’s guaranteed to keep you and your brains entertained for hours.

With several languages available, Kobble can be a great aid in improving your knowledge of foreign languages.

Detailed Information:

- It can be played both with the traditional 4×4 grid, or with the more challenging 5×5 one
- Comes with several selectable dictionaries, all playable with your choice for the interface language. Italian (around 800.000 words), English UK and English US (both around 500.000 words).
- The dictionaries are compiled with the best available resources for each language to provide professional and complete results
- Classic mode: like in the traditional game you need to find as many words as you can in the grid in 3 minutes
- Arcade mode: in this modern revision of the game not only you need to find words in the grid, but you may uncover bonuses that will allow you to extend the time at your disposal and find even more words, reaching higher scores
- Words that are also in the internal iPhone/iPad vocabularies – consider that there are way more words in the Kobble vocabularies – can be instantly looked up to discover their meaning
- You can use Kobble as an aid to the traditional game: fill in the grid with the letters and Kobble will show you a list of words sorted alphabetically or by length
- HD Graphics are used to deliver an interface that’s incredibly detailed, quick and easy to use
- Music tracks and sound effects that will pull you into the game

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