YouEat techs

YouEat is an open source application. You can check the code at

YouEat is a Java application built only with open-source software:

  • Apache Wicket, for the web interface
  • Spring Framework is the glue for all the components
  • Hibernate is the JPA implementation
  • Apache Lucene to implement the internal search engine
  • Apache Maven is the dev manager
  • JUnit is test suite
  • PostgreSQL is the database engine

My idea is create an easy to read application… therefore any feedback is well accepted ;-)

JackWicket improvements

ImprovementsI changed a lot on the core of jackwicket.
Pricincipally I moved from the jcr-spring-modules to the new

I also removed the DAO infrastucre and I simplified the implemetation of the service layer. To rebuild the Service Layer I used basically the JcrMappingTemplate, but in order to have a Generic interface I extended this class with JcrMappingTemplateGeneric that offers a type safe implementation of the super class.

You can find some samples in the implementation of the  service layer in JackWicket.

Project website
Continuous integration (not available)
Code Quality(not available)

Thanks Salvo for the technical advice :)


I published a website and a demo with my last personal work that I called Jackwicket.
In this project I put together Apache Wicket and Apache Jackrabbit OCM.
My target was create easyly and quickly powerful interactive webapps, and I think that Wicket and Jackrabbit  are very good technologies to achieve this target.

You can find more info below:


Project website

I will be very happy to know your opinion and to receive suggestions or contributions.